среда, 22 января 2014 г.

Opinion on Advertising

1) Is advertising really important in our society? Why or why not? 
On my mind, advertising is really important. It affects everyone and helps people to make a right choice. Thanks to ad all the people informed about new products.
2) Is it easy to get away from advertising?
In my opinion, nowadays it isn't easy to get away from advertising because it is everywhere: in the streets, on television, on the Net etc.
3) Do you agree that advertising affects people? Why or why not?
I agree that advertising affects people. Most of the advertising is really attractive and it makes people to think that they want to buy a product. Often if people like advertising they will buy this product. But somitemes advertising can be better than goods.
4) If you were a company owner would you spend money on advertising? Why or why not?
If I were a company owner I would spend money on advertising. It affects people and helps to sell goods. 
5) Which adverts do you like most? Why?
As for me, I like advertising for perfume. This ad is very fashionable, emotional, attractive and it isn't stupid.
6) Which ads annoy you most? Why?
I hate tasteless AD, for example ad for "Ambrobene" cough syrup. It is really weird and annoying.
7) Do you usually shop around or do you buy the first product you find?
I usually shop around because I can find goods of better quality and more attractive price than the first product I find.
8) Do you read product reviews before buying anything?
Sometimes I read product reviews before buying anything. It helps me to make a right choice.
9) Do you check out prices and compare products on the Net?
Sometimes I check out prices and compare products on the Net. It helps me to  find  the goods which are great value for money.