воскресенье, 22 сентября 2013 г.

My classmates' views on dating and marriage

The subject of the relationships is especially actual among teenagers. It is the time of the first love. Teens are more  emotional and susceptible. At this age girls dream of tall,handsome,smart,funny and kind boyfriends. Girls and boys go out on dates, fall in love. It is an amazing period of our life.

A few days ago I've asked some questions about relationships and plans for the future to my classmates. Girls imagine their ideal boyfriends, dream about romantic date.  Boys don't think it's valuable. As for plans for the future, almost everybody wants to get married and have kids. As for me, I want to have a good husband and big family in the future, too. And now I as well as my age-mates go out on dates and I dream of ideal future;)

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  1. Nastya, that's a very good piece of writing, well done!
    A few things to pay attention to:
    1) Some sentences must have an article in them and they don't.
    2) everybody/everyone are singular pronouns and so must be the verbs
    3) 'Boys don't attach it great value.' Boy's don't think it's valuable/ don't find it valuable' will be better.