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"If you knew.." Elchin Safarli

"If you knew …" is a story of one young woman's despair about which it is possible to tell to only snow-white sheets of the diary. It is history about feelings, doubts, expectations and such fears which most often help to begin life anew. Who or what will help her? 

"PS, I Love You " Cecelia Ahern

Having lost the beloved husband, thirty-year-old Holl Kennedy falls into despair, doesn't  leave the house or communicate with people. And suddenly she receives by mail a package with letters: it is possible to unpack them only on one a month, and they are written by that person parting with who brings it her such sufferings. Who sends these letters? What will be the last letter?

'The Garnet Bracelet' Alexander Kuprin

It is the history of extraordinary tragic love filled with mysterious symbols and mystical mood. Action of the story begins at family Sheinykh's house, during preparation for celebration of a name-day of Vera Nikolaevna, the wife of the prince. In the middle of celebration the princess receives from the maid a gift and a note from the unknown admirer. It is the garnet bracelet .Who sent this gift? How the garnet bracelet will change princess and sender's lives?

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  1. Well done, Nastya!
    That's a very interesting choice of the books :) I haven't ready any of them but the last but I think I might want to read them.
    Now to the use of English.
    Please, mind the following:
    Blurb 1
    1. The difference between 'story' and 'history'. What word should be used in the blurbs?
    2. The word 'female' is too formal for this kind of writing. Choose 'girl/young woman'.
    3. 'female despair' possessive case? 'her bag' - 'mom's bag'; 'her despair' - ...?
    4. There's an article missing in Blurb 1. Can you find the spot for it?
    Blurb 2
    1. 'doesn't leave the house, communicate' - it's better to use 'or' to link those verbs
    2. The 2nd sentence needs a subject. Who receives it?
    3. it should be 'one a month'
    4. ' by that person parting with which brings it' - person with 'who' or 'which'? which brings it? her?
    Blurb 3
    1. Again, 'history' or 'story'?
    2. Article 'the' is missing in several sentences in Blurb 3. Find the right spots for it. :)

    Please, correct the mistakes.
    Thanks for your blurbs!